Hip-Hop Music Ed (Website)

This website functions as the compendium of all resources related to hip-hop (music, culture and pedagogies) in the musicking classroom. This site is co-edited by Dr Adam J Kruse, Dr Carla Becker, Jarritt Sheel (doctoral candidate), Dr Johan Söderman, and Dr Evan Tobias. 


This site began as a social media hashtag, by music education doctoral student Jarritt A Sheel in the spring of 2015, to encourage music educators, and the like, to engage in a critical discussion around the topic of hip-hop in music education. To construct a dialectic around the topic of hip-hop, to correct errors and contradiction, and above all assumptions on the subject. You can find us on facebook, twitter, instagram by using the name hiphopmusiced. 

"The place where hip-hop and music education meet. Hip-hop is a collage of a variety of elements from American culture. Hip-Hop Music Ed is asking for more inclusion of more popular forms of American music into the discourse around music education. Culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies centered on serving music students and educators in the 21st century."